Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beading class results

Here is a scan of the bracelet I made today. It is a new pattern for me and is called a Diamond Back. I am in the process of making a second one. Always do that when I do a new pattern so I can get it fixed in my mind. I think it turned out pretty nice. Love my new emerald crystals. I bought a pack of them from Firemountian since they are my birthstone so I want to make myself some pretty jewlery.
Off to mow the lawn. Enjoy your day everyone.


  1. i just tried to commen on your MMSC20 card :( what happened to your post?? I will comment here for you

    1.Go to your post comments and do edit post.(or when ever you post to your blog)
    2.Highlight with your mouse "MMSC20 or Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge #20"
    3.Then while the words are highlighted click on the icon that looks like the earth with a paper clip.
    A window should pop up...
    4. clear the window and type in

    5.and hit enter....

    6.Then save.(publish).

    that is it in a nut shell.....

    if you need more details...I would be happy to help...see if you can figure it out from that and let me know :)email me directly at
    and don't for get to link up to Mr. Link with a direct link ..Your URL direct link should be

    I hope I helped :)

  2. Great bracelet! I have also done jewelry so I know how hard doing these patterns can be. I am impressed that you finished it. I have taken these classes and we seldom get more than a handful of stitches done and they let us go.....aka....often times the project doesn't get completed LOL!

  3. This is gorgeous Janet. You did a great job. I just got me a new catalog from Firemountain and I was looking at all the gorgeous stones and I can't wait to try jewelry making. I have wanted to learn for a couple years but never had time. I can't wait to see what else you make. I bet this is fun and relaxing to do. Hugs, Robin