Monday, October 19, 2009

Here are photos of the quilts we finished this last week for our Faith In Action event. We have 74 completed quilts, half will go to our hospital to give to the needy new mothers and the other half will go to a mission in Mexico. We had lots of fun doing the quilts. There were 11 ladies and 1 gentleman that worked on the quilts. 3 of us did all the sewing and everyone else sandwitched the quilts, ironed or tied the quilts. Walt and I had spent a lot of time at home making tops so there were jobs for those who didn't sew to do on our work days. It took three days at the church to finish all the quilts. A few of the quilts went home with people in the church to tie in the evenings. Next week I will be mailing the quilts to Calif. where someone will take them to the mission. This is always a fun project for me. We have done it for the last three years and I hope we continue for many more. Happy crafting, Janet


  1. oh, what beautiful quilts! I love quilts but have never made one...I usually buy the cheap ones at Penny's or are certainly a lady with many, many fantastic talents!

  2. These are beautiful, it's wonderful to do things for other people. Makes you feel wonderful inside. Thanks for sharing this part of who you are.